Hudson's Story

Hudson, a happy, healthy Victory dog.

Dear Victoria,

Hi my name is Hudson, we met at a dog show in Fitchburg MA. a few weeks ago.

I am sure you remember me since I was the best looking puppy there.

You gave me a toy and a whole bunch of other treats. Thank You.

I am having my dad type this for me, my paws are just too big for the keyboard.

I really think the keyboard is just way to small.

Well that day Dad and Mom started feeding me your food. Dad had been feeding me

this other food (came dried in a bag) and I really wasn’t happy with it. Dad thought I was just

a fussy eater, not true. I now look forward to breakfast and dinner and am a member of the

clean plate club! That other food just ran right thru me, it was awful. My vet told dad that

raw food was the way to go. I just started going to school and our trainer had a lesson on

nutrition. When Mark found out I was eating your food he told Mom “no worries there”.

I am still undecided what I like best, it all tastes so good. Dad says it’s good for me too.


Friday, 11/18/11 was my birthday. Dad and Mom let me have a friend over, Nellie.

Nellie is must bigger but I really have a lot fun with her. Nellie’s Mom and Dad also

feed her your food. We talked about it outside and decided we both have such good

Mom’s and Dad’s to care so much about us. I going to tell all my friends at school about

how wonderful Victory Dog Food is, and how much better I feel.


Well Dad has to get back to work and I want to go outside. So I have to say good-bye for now.

I asked Dad to enclose a few pictures of me, one when I was just seven weeks old. The other

two are from my four month birthday.


Thank You for caring.

Love, Hudson

Sadie's Story

Sadie, a satisfied Victory Raw Food customer

Sadie actually has sort of a three part story. Part one began when I switched her to Victory. At the time, I'd been making my own bones-and- raw-food dog food, so you wouldn't think Victory would be much of a change. However, after Sadie was on Victory for about a month, we met a friend in the park who we hadn't seen for quite a while, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Sadie looks TERRIFIC!! What have you been doing with her?" I told her about Victoria and Victory, and not long thereafter, she started her own dog on Victory.

This begins part two of the story. My friend's dog was an elderly Westie that she had adopted a couple of years before. In those pre- Victory years, her dog always had to be carried up the stairs. But one day, a few weeks after transitioning the dog to Victory, my friend was upstairs making the beds and suddenly heard the little tick-tick-tick of dog feet on the stairs. Sure enough--that 14-year-old dog had climbed the stairs for the first time!

Now for part three. There is a dog in the park that looks for all the world like Sadie--her owner and I acquired them both at almost exactly the same time from different SPCA groups in Connecticut. We're convinced they're sisters. We see them maybe once every year or two, but last time, the difference between Sadie and her "sister" was marked--"sis" was overweight. Her owner said she had a lot of skin problems and ear problems and wondered if (with similar DNA) Sadie also had those. Nope! Victory makes a huge difference! The only problem I can see is that I can never move from this area! Thanks, Victoria!

-Charles Veley

Sam's Story

Sam, a satisfied Victory Raw Food customer

Hi Victoria, actually I do have a great testimonial. My four year old golden retriever had a lump on his chest that we noticed over a year ago. We didn’t think much of it since golden’s are sometimes prone to lumps, but we had a biopsy done to rule out cancer, which came back benign.

I started him on the raw diet in March 2010, which he loved and we could immediately see an improvement in everything about him. His energy, coat, teeth and even his enthusiasm for each meal for the raw food.

In May, the lump turned in a strange shape and even the groomer noticed a change in it. So, we immediately brought him to Ocean State Veterinary Specialist to have it removed. To our surprise, the lump was a Mast Cell Tumor, stage 4. My husband and I were devastated at the thought of losing our beloved young golden.

The lump was completely removed and fortunately the cancer had not spread into Sam’s blood or organs. We then we started Sam on 16 weeks, (8 actual treatments) of chemotherapy per the Oncologists advice. Sam had no reaction at all to the chemo!! He would actually run into OSVS to greet the technicians waiting for him.

Today a year later, he is a cancer free 5 year old with lots of energy and still smiling.

My husband and I attribute his remarkable success and recovery to your raw diet food. I truly believe the raw diet was the miracle that helped Sam make it through this entire ordeal.

Here is a picture of Sam this past fall, still smiling!!

Thank you Victoria for your wonderful food!!


Max's Story

Max, a satisfied Victory Raw Food customer

This is Max, our ten year old weimaraner. After years of having weekly bouts with stomach issues that would literally paralyze him for an entire day due to gases that one could hear in his stomach, he no longer has this problem; the reason: Victory Dog Food!!! My husband, who was a skeptic, can't believe the change. Max is thriving with Victory, stomach issues are a thing of the past, and he is crazy for mealtime. We are so glad and relieved that not only is he loving this food, but he is also no longer experiencing the discomfort of digestive problems that plagued him for the past nine years. It is truly a miracle, I only wish I would have discovered this food and the wonderful care and advice I've received from Victoria. I would recommend Victory to all dogs before they exhibit any health issues! I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen the transformation in Max with renewed energy and interest in mealtime. Max is a much happier dog and so are we!!! Thank you Victoria!

-The Zanettos

Maddy's Story


My name is Kim Rudzik, the handler of the Top Winning American Staffordshire Terrier of All-time, "Maddy", GCh. Castle Rock's Sbigstaff Mad About You.  Maddy has been living with me from January 2010 to present.  She has had difficulty maintaining a healthy coat for most of that time due to food allergies, and most likely the week in week out stress of campaining a dog. We have tried every dog food there is, tried every supplement there is, but to no avail.  She would continually break out in hives with a splotchy ugly coat.

In December, 2010 I spoke with Victoria of Victory Dog Food and decided to try her raw food chicken diet.  From that day of switching until now, May of 2011, we have had NO hives.  She feels great, showing great, and her coat's texture is finally what it should be.  I am a firm believer in this food, and I am currently switching all of my dogs and puppies to it!

-Kim Rudzik.

Zoe's Story

Hi Victoria, I was adopted by a Portuguese Water Dog, Zoe, 7 1/2 years ago February. She came to me with Addisons disease and in bad shape. Her hair was wirey and she was leary of strangers. She was deemed mean and given back to the breeder. Along with the breeder, who diagnosed her with the Addisons, it took us 3 years to get her 'meds' right and only after I found a compound pharmacy near me. The breeder had put her on a raw diet and that is how she came to me. Well, I tried just about every raw food brand on the market and found none that did her justice. I met Victoria at a show and after talking and seeing the food decided to give Victory a try. I figured I had nothing to lose in trying one more! To my surprise, Zoe excelled with Victory Dog Food! Her hair grew soft, attitude changed and she is now a very good greeter and loves to hang out with me. When we are at a show with Victoria there, Zoe belines for her booth! I get stopped when Zoe and I are out and about and no one can believe that this is a sick girl and that is where my story comes out. I cannot thank Victoria enough for giving me my girl's health and attitude to me.

I am now a distributor for Victory Dog Food and highly recommend it to all I come across.

Thanks Victoria for producing a pure, wonderful food for our companions!

WearWuf! www.wearwuf.com Mary Pittsfield, MA 01201



I will never forget the my introduction to Victoria and her dog food. It was four years ago at one of the many shows in Springfield. A very dear friend, (who also uses her food now), came over and told me that there was a new booth at the show selling dog food and that the products looked good.

I went over to investigate and discuss the food. To make a long story short, I left with about 10 or 12 pounds of three types and I have never looked back since!! Now I'll tell you why.

Everything Victoria told me about her food was true. In this day and age the number of things that actually do what the manufacturer says they're going to do is almost non-existent. Plus, all the things that happened were positive.

  1. Victoria said that her food would not cause stomach upset of any kind to my dogs, even if I did a 100% switch over. This is exactly what happened. As a matter of fact they gobbled it down faster than anything I had ever fed before.
  2. Victoria said that I would have much less stool and that it would have much less odor. This also happened.


But as time went on I noticed various other significant benefits.

  1. All the dogs teeth stayed much cleaner, much longer. Since I have toy dogs, (Papillons), this is a wonderful thing. Toys have smaller dental roots that are more susceptible to problems.
  2. Their coats improved dramatically. Both in quality and shine. As a matter of fact a groomer came up to me at a Toy specialty and told me that she'd never seen a dog as shiny white as my Special!
  3. When I have a litter the babies dive into their mother's food with great gusto and wean themselves. Again, there is no stomach upset and their stool is also almost odorless.


I have not purchased kibble in four years. My dogs don't miss it at all. Now when I put down their bowls at night, everyone is done in about five minutes! No waste, no problems.

What most people don't realize is that no matter what type or brand of kibble you use, no matter how many vitamins, fruits, vegetables or minerals are added to it, it is processed to a fare thee well. Therefore, the health benefits of the vitamins, fruits, etc. are greatly reduced if not totally destroyed. They also don't realize that freezing kills bacteria just as effectively as all the steaming and boiling that is done to create all types of dry pet foods. The difference is that freezing doesn't kill the beneficial nutrients.

Also, a canine dentist who applauded my switch to Victoria's food explained to me that feeding kibble is analogous to feeding a baby cookies all the time and not brushing their teeth. Makes sense to me!

So I strongly urge you to take the plunge. Switch to the best raw food around….Victory Dog Food.

Maxine J. Gurin
Maxine J. Gurin
Primavera Papillons
Member, Papillon Club of America since 1976
AKC Breeder of Merit

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Portland, CT
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